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The 2 week break is already here. Wow, 2 months past so quickly. The type of people i made friends with goes like this ; weird, funny, asswipe, fuck ups, awesome, insane, boring and the list goes on. And i must say, i found many things i hate about my new friends, mostly their attitude towards stuff. But what can i say, i definitely have attitude issues as well. They ARE my friends, and i learned to ignore those flaws that they have if i want to continue having them as friends, after all its what make them who they are. I have my own flaws too but i wonder if they will ignore it hmmm

Now, lecturers, i shall say what i think about them in a few words. 

Leslie – i like him

Kim – hahahah

Erwin – lol.

Emilio – yawn



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It was a few weeks back, I went to Marcus’s house for sleepover for BCR. Now before i explain the situation, I have to first tell the story of have happened one day before. 2 words, sleep paralysis. The feeling was well, pure and real fear. I became real paranoid for the rest of the day after that. At Marcus’ house at around 3am i think, we went to have supper. The lift was acting strange, the door refuses to close. That son of a gun Marcus told me it hardly happens and because of that I became, yeah you know what i felt, screw you Marcus. I turned back to look every 2 minutes in fear. That fear kinda went away at 4am cause i have that mindset that it goes away after 4 lol. Anyway after several experiences of sleep paralysis and Marcus telling me that it happens most of the time to the lift i got used to it yay. 

The slapbet

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Let’s have off this post with a sentence that started this game. ‘LET’S HAVE A SLAPBET!’ It all started with me watching How i met you Mother. I was totally hooked to the show and i started making lots of references regarding it. Bacon was sitting beside me, spurting vulgarities as usual. Then the thought of the slap bet occurred. I immediately told him, ‘If you can go without saying a vulgarity for one full day in school, i owe you one slap BUT, if you say even ONE vulgarity, i slap you.’ Well he accepted, duh. 

The next day i was trying so damn hard to make him say one vulgarity to the extent that i even went to hit him, if there were rules i think i will be slapped more than once. He did it. He managed to not utter one single profanity. 

I lost. Sobs. The following day i went to school, preparing for the slap. It was horrible, every muscle he moved i flinched. Then the slap finally happened after photography class. It was outside the gallery, with some FSV and year 2’s to witness it, along with my classmates, of course. I stood still while looking at the cursed bacon pulling his hand all the as back as possible. He stopped. Let’s just say i got slapped, HARD. My cheeks started to sting and i could feel my lower part of my jaw. Bacon’s hand was in pain, that asshole. Although that slap was the toughest slap i ever received, I am proud to say I lived to tell my story. Our friendship strengthened and it was one of the best slap throughout slapternity. 

The slap was definitely legend, wait for it, i hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the next word is… dary! LEGENDARY!


Friends meant everything to me. I often say I don’t need them but that’s just a white lie. And then we categorize them into different categories ; normal, good, best and bad. Of course during my 10 years of studying i made all kinds.Trust became an issue. I was trusting people too much, telling others to much things, to the extent when i kept it to myself. In secondary 1 i made online friends and went out with them(we still hang out) and it was clear to me that they were only good friends, after all we gamers stick together. In secondary 3 I started playing this game ‘League of Legends’ and met friends throughout the school. There i met the guy i call my best friend, he was in my class(who knew lol). As we grew older we all had our secrets to tell. I told my best friend everything and nothing happened YET. I’m just waiting for the day when he gets pushed to his limits and then i can tell for myself if he really is my best friend. To me, people who reveal people’s secret should burn in hell. Secrets are meant to be secrets.

I was afraid for poly. Will my friends be nice or mean? Well it was amazing. I made friends quickly and a clique was formed lol. I would call them good friends but we’ll see if that stands after a year or so. I told them who i really was and they accepted me. That felt awesome.

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So many questions so little answers. I always ask myself why i’m so lazy, so reluctant to doing anything. Questions piled and still no answers. A year went by and i entered Ngee Ann polytechnic. I signed up for FMSFBC, and questions that made me wonder in secondary 4 came back. I always wanted to look good but laziness will always haunt me.

Being that skinny guy that I am i will always fall behind, due to lack of energy. I took up a warehouse job during the holidays and I realized how weak i was(I knew but didnt know that i was that weak). I wanted to work out but somehow i didn’t have the motivation to. No one to coach me. I have no discipline in training and that caused me. I looked around the school and all i saw was good looking guys with huge arms, obviously i was jealous. I cringe inside every time about i think about it. Seniors told me to make a good impression during the first year as it matters a lot. To me its either have a talent or look good, basically it’s don’t bother if you can’t do shit. Currently trying to get fatter and hopefully i will have the motivation to hit the gym.

Come to think about it, the problem is within me right? I know nothing will happen if i don’t do something yet I DON’T DO ANYTHING. I stand everyday thinking that someone will notice this puny small boy and will actually take the initiative to help me. WAKE UP. Welcome to reality. I have to do this myself.